About Us

About Us

The Spire Difference

Spire is physician-owned and physician-led. Our practices provide an elite level of expertise and a breadth of subspecialty care that few practices offer, most having served their communities for over 30 years.

Our partnership model provides opportunities for clinical specialization, autonomy and collaboration, fueling growth and ensuring the highest quality of care. We offer financial liquidity to practice owners, along with risk mitigation, growth capital, management expertise and the potential for ongoing ownership in a larger, more diverse business. Spire-affiliated practices operate under unique market-leading brands where physicians retain complete clinical autonomy.

As healthcare transforms, grows and evolves, our national partnership of best-in-class physicians is shaping the future of orthopedic care.

Leaders in Clinical Excellence

Our physicians service in well-established, world-class practices that are true leaders in their respective markets and orthopedic specialties.

Financial Strength

We leverage solid financial support from Kohlberg & Company LLC – a leading private equity firm that has spent 27 years investing with integrity to build long-term value.

Culture of Collegiality

At all levels, specialties and years of experience, our physicians collaborate on cases, share new findings and welcome peer perspectives to do what is best for the patient.

Physician-Driven Approach

Our Clinical Governance Board model ensures physicians drive all clinical decisions, with each practice appointing physicians to a local board to represent needs unique to their practice.

Patient-First Lens

We support our physicians in delivering patient-centered care across the entire orthopedic care continuum, including a broad range of ancillary services.

Our Leadership

With decades of experience operating and managing complex and high-growth healthcare businesses, and practicing medicine at the highest standards of excellence in patient care, Spire’s executive and physician leaders share a common goal to further strengthen orthopedic medicine for patients, physicians, and employees.

Interested in Becoming a Partner?

We partner with like-minded, high-growth practices that want to shape the future of orthopedic care.